Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary!

Dear Honey,

It’s my honor to have you by my side since 12 months ago. I’m far from perfect. However, it is you that makes me completed.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary.

Sincerely yours,

Zhaofeng Thomas Zhu

The Nativity

The Nativity

Federico Barrocci, Prado museum, Madrid

Of all the many thousands of nativity scenes in western art, this one is among the most tenderly maternal. Mary kneels humbly before her God, but she is equally full of love for her newborn baby. Mother and child gaze into each other’s eyes and the whole composition emphasizes their mutual bond. The art of Barrocci, until recently one of the most overlooked of Italian masters, was especially popular with women in his lifetime and it is not hard to see why from this nativity, in which the radiant child illuminates the exquisitely loving face of Mary.

About thomaszhu

"In the designs of Providence. There are no mere coincidences."
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