MLB World Series: Game 4…

Savvy move

Savvy move

The Yankees’ Johnny Damon advances to third base after he stole second base in the top of the ninth inning against the Phillies’ Pedro Feliz.

Al Bello – Getty Images

Pillies 4:7 Yankees

     阴错阳差的排班变更让我有幸观看了迄今为止本次世界系列赛中最精彩的一场!八局下半费城人Feliz的左外野阳春全垒打把比分扳成了4比4,结果没想到就让主场球迷高兴了半局而已,九局上半Yankees的Johnny Damon成功地盗垒到二垒后竟然进而直接偷袭无人守备的三垒,这个成功偷袭竟然导致了费城终结投手Lidge的信心崩溃,结果给纽约人连得了三分。费城人奋战了一夜,却在最后功亏一篑。


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