Happy Birthday Arsène Wenger!

"I won’t celebrate my 60th birthday"

By Richard Clarke from www.arsenal.com

Arsène Wenger doesn’t do birthdays.

The Arsenal manager reaches a massive milestone on Thursday – 60 years-old – but his routine will be the same. Football, football and then a bit more football.

He’ll take training, attend the Annual General Meeting, speak to TV Online then go home and watch the night’s games on television.

There is little time for reflection and certainly no appetite for self-congratulation. Wenger knows he must look forward relentlessly so there is no inclination to observe the passing years.

“No, I have nothing to celebrate,” he said dismissively ahead of Tuesday’s game in Alkmaar.

“It will be very quiet. I have the AGM. We have a big game on Sunday again and Thursday night is the Europa League with the new fifth referee system. They are responsible for my ageing so I have to watch that!"

He went on: “As you get older, everybody will tell you there is a massive contrast between how you look and how you feel.”

“I believe as well, it’s a state of mind. People at 40 can be young physically but old mentally.”

“And I am in a job where you always look in front of you. Unfortunately, the older you get, the less distance there is in front of you but football is exciting when you have a team like I have now because you know that the potential is there.”

"And it’s down to me to get it out.”


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