Something about “Caliber”…

When enjoying extra hours once again, my friend Ken and I mentioned a word we saw on our high-end watches "Caliber". He told me that every top watch brand attached the word onto there most complicated products to show their high qualities. Then I began to search the meaning of the word. Here are some result from search engine of Wikipedia:


The term caliber or calibre designates the interior diameter of a tube or the exterior diameter of a wire or rod. It comes from the Italian calibro, itself from qālib (قالب), Arabic word for mold.

The term most often appears with respect to firearms, as a measure of the inside diameter of the barrel in inches or hundredths of an inch, or in millimetres.

In architecture, the caliber of a column is its diameter.

In electricity, the caliber of an instrument of measure is the maximum value it can measure.

In nautical parlance, the caliber of a chain is the diameter of the metal rod used to make each chain link.

Agricultural produce is also often ranked by caliber (diameter), for instance olives, peas or eggs.

In typography, the caliber of a font designates the size of the eye of a character, neglecting any risers or descenders.

In horology, the term is used to distinguish the size and type of movement used within a timepiece.

Colloquially, the term "high caliber" is used to refer to people or employees of great competence or ability.


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