Rating of My Life…

      从朋友的Blog上看到了这个测试,遂尝试了一下。目前的人生,似乎是Marginally Okay的样子……


This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 7.2
Mind: 6.5
Body: 8
Spirit: 8.3
Friends/Family: 5.6
Love: 2.9
Finance: 7.4
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About thomaszhu

"In the designs of Providence. There are no mere coincidences."

4 Responses to Rating of My Life…

  1. 大居士说道:

    Here Are My Results:Life: 5.8Mind: 5.9Body: 3.5Spirit: 8.3Friends/Family: 3.7Love: 7.7Finance: 6.1

  2. 大居士说道:

    By no means better than yours is mine.

  3. Jackie说道:

    i had mine. pretty low in love. could be rounded to zero. poor

  4. 说道:

    Life: 8.1 Mind: 8.4 Body: 7.6 Spirit: 8.3 Friends/Family: 5.9 Love: 6.9 Finance: 6.5


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