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Several hours ago, I talked about dreams I had with Miranda after a bloody busy day when other staff have already gone home. I said I haven’t thought about being a teacher or tutor like now, actually, even now I still can not believe it. However, who can tell the tomorrow? 3 years ago, I had never dreamed to launch a store or a website for jewelry of my own. Now, everything is on the way! About 10 years ago, I had even never thought I could have the opportunity to enter university for further study. Now I’ve graduated from school for about 5 years. So, time is really an amazing magic cube. Seemingly there is no rule in it, but finally you may feel its orders. Everything seems in chaos, but everything has its destiny. Just like the famous quotation from the movie “Forrest Gump”, you may never know how the taste of next piece of chocolate will be. This not knowing has its charms, right?

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"In the designs of Providence. There are no mere coincidences."

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  1. Aileen说道:

    just now i was watching some old photos. some were taken 10 years ago; some, 20 years ago; some, when i was born. in fact, i have seen them before. my "young" mother, "young" father, aunts, uncles, grandparents, even mom’s grandma…my eyes were extremely large when i was born. some people were so surprised to see me, a baby with such big eyes.16 years ago, i was so small in their arms, knowing nothing. 2 years later, i will become an adult.how i wish to have a time machine!everything changes. never stop.


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