What does my first and last name mean?

First Name: Thomas


New Testament name, borne by one of Christ’s twelve apostles, referred to as “Thomas, called Didymus” (John 11: 16; 20: 24). Didymos is the Greek word for “twin”, and the name is the Greek form of an Aramaic byname meaning “twin”. The given name has always been popular throughout Christendom, perhaps because St Thomas’s doubts and reassurance have made him seem a very human character. Derivatives: Irish Gaelic: Tomás. Scottish Gaelic: Tòmas; Tàmhas (a dialectal variant, from which comes the surname Mac Thàmhais, Anglicized as MacTavish). Welsh: Tomos. Italian: Tommaso. Polish: Tomasz. Czech: Tomáš. Russian: Foma. Finnish: Tuomo.Short forms: English: Tom. Scottish: Tam. Italian: Maso. Dutch: Maas.Pet forms: English: Tommy. Scottish Gaelic: Tòmachan, Tòmag.Feminine forms: English: Thomasina, Thomasine, Tamsin


Last Name: 朱(Zhu)


Chinese 朱: from the name of the state of Zhu in present-day Shandong province. Wu Wang, the first king (1122–1116 bc) of the Zhou dynasty, granted to Cao Xie, a descendant of the emperor Zhuan Xu of the 26th century bc, lordship of the state of Zhu (see also Cao). Later, this state was conquered by the state of Chu, after which many descendants of the Zhu aristocracy took a modified form of the character Zhu for their surname; the pronunciation is the same. The name has become very common in southern China.




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