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"In the designs of Providence. There are no mere coincidences."

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  1. 大居士说道:


  2. 大居士说道:

    So your residence is in the vicinity of Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House? Good. An auriferous location, which will surely bring fortune to your business. 🙂 Yes, I agree with you when you say your existence [too grand a word?] is precarious. But who else’s is not? I do admire you your courage and ambition in initiating a modest-sized enterprise of your own, and guess you must or will have a beautiful girlfriend. After all, as Alexander Pope says, only the brave deserve the fair. Besides, you can adorn her with your glittering stuff, right? BTW, you misspelt my English name in your "Friends" list (but I thank you so much for including me there), whose correct form is Jason Chu, as I am half a Cantonese by extraction.

  3. Kissinggod说道:


  4. 大居士说道:

    Also, could you please tell me where your business establishment is, so that I shall be allowed to pay a plain-clothes visit to it, without disturbing you and your partners? 🙂 I am anxious to see how gorgeous it can be. For fear of info leakage, it is desirable that I be advised via email.


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